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Drop Dead! Cast Announced

This March, Bucyrus Little Theatre will play host to more than a few divas when the cast of "Drop Dead! A Farce" takes the stage.

Written by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, and presented through special arrangement with Samual French, Inc., "Drop Dead!" turns the world of theater on its head when a cast of has-been actors attempt to revive their careers with a show that just about as entertaining as Gouda ... sliced thin.

The Show

A show, within a show, this full-length comedic murder mystery follows the antics of "Wonder Child of the Broadway Stage," Victor Le Pewe; the show's producer, P.G. Banks; and stage manager, Phillip; as they attempt to stage Alabama Miller's new play. The cast features a menagerie of characters, including the television star Mona Monet, who plays the role of Bette; method actor Brent Reynolds, playing Alexander; apprentice Chaz Looney, as Drools the butler, former adult film star Candy Apples makes her debut as Penelope, senior stage actress Constance Crawford takes on the roll of Lady Barrington; and Dick Scorsese, brother of Martin Scorsese, takes on the role of Inspector Mounds.

It doesn't take long for the side-splitting antics to ensue as the set begins to fall apart, props break, and the producer and an actor meet their untimely demise. Alas, the show must go on.

The Cast

Jason Chandler | Director | Bucyrus Little Theatre
Chandler will direct "Drop Dead! A Farce" at Bucyrus Little Theatre.

"I am really excited about the deep level of talent that we have had audition for this show," said Jason Chandler, the show's director. "Casting was very difficult, which is a good problem to have. Thanks to all who took part in the auditioning process. I look forward to an amazing show!"

The cast of "Drop Dead! A Farce" includes many familiar faces.

Cast List

Billie Weiland

Constance Crawford, Lady Barrington

Dodie Conkel

Candy Apples, Penelope

Karellyn Sterling

Mona Monet, Bette

Randy Mann

Victor LePewe (the director)

Graham Leonard

Phillip (the stage manager)

Tim Lutz

Brent Reynolds, Alexander

Joseph Loftis

Chaz Looney, Inspector Mounds

Curtis Ashley

Dick Scorsese, Inspector Mounds

Abbey Kanellakis

Alabama Miller (the playwright)

Matthew Sterling

P.G. Banks (the producer)

In addition to Chandler, Melanie Johnson will serve as the show's assistant director, while Sterling will assist as production manager.

Show Dates

Rehersals are scheduled to begin in early January. Performances will take place March 9-10 and March 15-17, 2024. Bucyrus Little Theatre will announce ticket sales at a later date.

If you have questions about this show or would like more information, please email the board of directors at or click here to be redirected to our contact form.


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