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Winter/Spring 2024 Bucyrus Little Theatre Master Classes Announced

Professional Actor Cast As Instructor At Bucyrus Little Theatre’s Master Class Workshop For Adults

Scott Leon Smith | Master Class | Bucyrus Little Theater

Area thespians looking to awaken and exercise their creative selves are invited to join fellow theater enthusiasts on the Bucyrus Little Theatre stage. Scott Leon Smith will lead four interactive master classes over the winter months.

About the Instructor

Smith, a professional actor and voice artist, brings more than 25 years experience to his role of instructor. Smith earned a Master’s of Fine Arts in Acting from West Virginia University, where he studied under alumni of the prestigious American Conservatory in San Francisco. He went on to hone his craft in Chicago as part of “A Crew of Patches,” a traveling theater company that performed Shakespeare for students. Locally, Smith was active onstage at The Bucyrus Little Theatre, The Crawford Theater Company, The Galion Community Theater, OSU Mansfield, and The Renaissance Theater Company.

Class Information

All classes will begin at 1 p.m. at Bucyrus Little Theatre, located at 130 Songer Ave., Bucyrus. Cost to participate is $30 per student and the class is open to all area actors 17 years old and older.

Attendees may attend any or all master classes. Each class will focus on a new topic and will be presented over a 3-4 hour stand-alone workshop. To enroll, register here: 

Upcoming Classes

April 27

Students will make an intensive examination of the nuts-and-bolts of acting. They will engage in an exploration of tactics through voice and movement. They will also learn how to analyze a script so that their characters are actively pursuing outcomes while listening and reacting to other characters.

Past Classes

January 24

In this class, students will learn about acting as the collaborative work of individual imaginations. They will learn:1) the basics of physical and mental openness, 2) how to create and channel energy into believable actions, and 3) how to exist as a character.

February 24

Students will learn why an audience laughs, and how to make it more likely that they will. We will also examine the trends of modern comedy and the fundamental philosophies of performing comedy onstage.

March 30

This class will show students how to use Sense and Emotion memory to add texture and complexity to their character’s lives. We will also examine the process of building instincts that nurture curiosity, keeping character work dynamic & rewarding.

“The techniques and mindsets that make up the foundation of acting are useful in any profession, and for any endeavor,” Smith states in his promotional material. “Smith promotes the development of a creative process and a reinvestment in that process for every project you take on, artistic or otherwise.”

“I knew Scott many years ago when he was active at Bucyrus Little Theatre. He was an awesome actor, and we felt his loss when he left Bucyrus to make theater his career. I'm thrilled that he's coming back to share his talents with us once again!” Cindy Light, president, Bucyrus Little Theatre

According to Smith’s promotional material, for whatever “heady” concepts exist in modern acting theory, Smith develops a simple, real-world way of framing them. He meets his students where they are, whether they just have a simple curiosity about acting, or they are a seasoned professional revisiting the fundamentals. Smith encourages his students, wherever their experience, to trust themselves, their imaginations, and the practical tools the craft of acting provides them.

“I have worked on many shows with Scott and not only is he extremely talented, he is also a true professional and takes his craft very seriously. I am personally looking forward to taking his master class and I am so excited that BLT is able to offer this type of class for any adult who is interested in improving their skills both on the stage and in their personal life.” Patty Schwall, vice president, Bucyrus Little Theatre

Bucyrus Little Theatre is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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