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Bucyrus Little Theatre Princesses Recognized At State Community Theater Competition In Cincinnati

Ohio Community Theatre Association Recognizes Bucyrus Little Theatre As Founding Member

OCTA Awards | Disenchanted! | Bucyrus Little Theatre
Bev Roby (left) presents her award for "Excellence in Musical Accompaniment" while Heather Giglio holds up her award for "Merit in Musical Theatre" during the 2023 OCTA state conference for their performances in "Disenchanted!" Amanda Zucker (not pictured) was presented with an award for "Excellence in Musical Theatre" for her performance as Rapunzel.

The cast and crew of Bucyrus Little Theatre’s production of “Disenchanted!” took to the stage one final time to present an excerpt of their musical performance to an audience of theater enthusiasts during the annual Ohio Community Theatre Association (OCTA) state conference. Following their performance, the princesses of “Disenchanted!” were recognized for their efforts and three members of the cast and crew were awarded for their performances.

“The cast was truly at their best for this performance,” said Jason Chandler, “Disenchanted!” director. “They deserved all the praise and recognition they received over the weekend.”

  • Amanda Zucker was presented with an award for “Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance for her portrayal as Rapunzel.

  • Heather Giglio was presented with an award for “Merit in Musical Theater Performance” for her portrayal as Snow White.

  • Bev Roby was presented with an award for “Excellence in Musical Accompaniment” for her work behind the piano.

“What an awesome weekend! We bonded, we laughed, we cried, we made new friends … I wasn’t sure what to expect from this year’s OCTA state competition, but I can tell you it didn’t disappoint,” said Patty Schwall, Bucyrus Little Theater Vice President, OCTA attendee and Sleeping Beauty in “Disenchanted!”

The annual OCTA conference takes place every September over Labor Day weekend. This year’s conference was staged at Holiday Inn Eastgate in Cincinnati. In addition to viewing 16 excerpts over two days, the conference featured a range of workshops, a Master Class, games, social events, and more. The actresses of Bucyrus Little Theatre’s took the stage Sunday, Sep.3.

Leading up to their performance at the state competition, the cast and crew of “Disenchanted!” were selected as the North Region’s first alternate after competing at OCTA’s regional competition in June. Following this performance, the ensemble were given a Merit Award while Giglio, Martha Tidball, and Zucker were honored for their performances and Debbi Gifford was recognized for “Excellence in Costuming.”

Origins Of OCTA Includes Bucyrus Little Theatre

Ohio Community Theatre Association Honors Bucyrus Little Theatre | Founding Member of OCTA

This year’s state OCTA conference was more than another theater competition, it was a 70th anniversary celebration for the organization, one in which Bucyrus Little Theatre was recognized and honored for its role as one of the original member theaters.

“OCTA was founded 70 years ago by 16 theaters across the state. Today, only six of the original member theater’s remain,” said Chandler. “Bucyrus Little Theater has been an OCTA member since the beginning and we are really proud of that.”

As a founding member theater, Bucyrus Little Theatre was presented with a commemorative award to honor its role in OCTA’s history.

“It’s so important for Ohio’s community theaters to be involved in OCTA,” explained Schwall. “The resources that are available to area theaters and actors are incredible. This organization exists to make us all better and Bucyrus Little Theater will continue to support this incredible organization.

Established in 1953, today OCTA serves more than 100 member theaters across eight regions across the state and beyond. Bucyrus Little Theater belongs to the North Region, which includes Bellevue Society For The Arts; Caryl Crane Youth Theatre; Fremont Community Theatre; Mansfield Playhouse; Olde Town Hall Theatre, Inc.; Playmakers Civic Theatre; The Harlequins, Inc.; and The Ritz Theatre.

For more information contact Bucyrus Little Theatre at or call 419.562.0731.

About Bucyrus Little Theatre

Founded in 1951, the Bucyrus Little Theatre exists to provide cultural enrichment, education, and entertainment to Bucyrus and the surrounding communities. Located at 130 Songer Avenue in Bucyrus, Bucyrus Little Theatre presents four regular season performances and a range of other activities for community members. To learn more about Bucyrus Little Theatre, including upcoming performances, audition opportunities and how to get involved, visit

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